Monday, 27 August 2012

Testing application

Testing out the final animation before leaving the show build! Low quality video unfortunately but this is just to give a brief idea of how the final application should work.

...And a preview of the book documentation using the Blog-to-Book Blurb service:

Putting the show together

Day one was spent painting and putting together the plinth. Luckily Jonathan found a large plinth for the screen and laptop and we just had to attach the back of it on the top, so to have more area for all the equipment. I was still a bit disoriented and trying to find my way around the college so decided I would go back tomorrow and start testing out the application.

Day two:
Connecting everything

Making sure the touch screen reflects the laptop exactly

testing the application once more time

Everything seems to be working!

Jonathan had the idea to put the light in the corner which worked out quite well.  This is how it will look in a dark environment. Better than in brighter light in my opinion.
Day three:

Connected everything once more and brought the book and instructions.

Testing the multi-touch, zooming in and out, panning etc...
Testing sound
Visuals looking good even zoomed in
Day four:

Last day, everything seems to be working fine, just need to hide the cables!
Hidden cables, and slightly tilted for easy access to laptop

Videos soon!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Stable Outbursts

So this is the result of a hard day's work yesterday (and the weeks before) of chance processed sounds. Florian then decided to layer various sounds to see how they would sound like together (since there is a chance that water colours might overlap in the interface). Surprisingly even when the musical key was different, the overall sound is very dreamy and curious. Have to say I was quite worried about the sound and music especially since it was a slow process, however now that it's done I am very happy with the outcome. Have a listen:
(The title of the sound piece was randomly generated online)

Monday, 6 August 2012


Concluding the chance processed sounds using the stories as a starting point.. this time using real instruments! Just one more to go and everything should be done.

Friday, 3 August 2012

My Space

So this is my space, kindly sent to me by Jessica Barr. I have also managed to get two Clamp LED flexible lights from my workplace:

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Just some updates..

Getting closer to the final show! I have created a new sketch for how my work will be displayed according to Jonathan's suggestion. I have also been allocated a space that is "dark-ish" so I have arranged to get an LED light from my college so viewers can go through my book.

Yesterday my friend Florian came over and finished another audio piece for the water colour. There are 5 left.. it will be a race against time, however we know the processes we just have to get to it. In the meantime Maria is working on finalising the interface.

Book has arrived!

The Book printed with Dust Jacket from Blurb